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Possibility of a community content store?

So I wanted to see this feature in MMORPGs for awhile now and think it would be perfect for Ashes of Creation.

Basically the idea is this: Ashes of Creation hosts a community content area where players can submit their creations for vetting and votes. Approved ideas by both the community and Intrepid would go onto a store where players could purchase it.

Content would strictly be cosmetic, mostly mounts, capes, and guild hall accessories. Both the creator and Intrepid would receive a portion of the sale.

There are several benefits to this system. First, it takes pressure off Intrepid to create original content daily, allowing them to focus on the core game itself. This would result in an all around better experience. Second, it gives aspiring artists and animators an outlet to submit their content and be able to receive feedback. It's always great to support new creatives after all. Third, well it obviously generates additional revenue for both parties involved.

So, what do you think? Obviously it would need fine tuning and limits.


  • Sounds like EQ2's Player Studio.
  • Yeah sounds like EQ2's Playet Studio. As long as they have a strict design vetting system I wouldn't mind. It all has to feel like it fits inside Ashes. 
  • Sounds like an awesome idea to me!
    • I'd like to see the ability to preview designs (even ones that aren't approved).
    • The ability for players to vote on designs would also be great.
    • I hope IS can provide official design templates for clothing, skins, meshes etc. to give the community a guideline for their creations.
    If this is done right, it could add even more flavor to the game :love: but I don't agree that IS should take a percentage of the coin though! This system will actually be saving them money by generating quality in game content. If anything, IS should be giving out design awards to encourage participation.
  • Like steam green light?
  • Karthos said:
    Like steam green light?
    Community driven yes, but not like the way steam did it.
  • I love this idea, it could be a great way to get some quality content for the game with minimal effort from IS while supporting upcoming artists.
  • Reminds me of what the guys making Warframe do. I like this idea, because not only does it get the community involved; But it also gives us a bunch more cosmetics that we can buy more frequently. I personally, am a fashion whore!
  • Could even do community contests and every month or something there would be a new item in the shops based off of the ideas obviously! Would be cool to see your own creation being sold by NPC's :smiley:
  • Add quests and events to the list and I would support this.
  • Add quests and events to the list and I would support this.
    As in a community 'driven' quest/event orrr?
  • I appreciate the idea but I would prefer the developers to do the content. With this being an MMO and subscription based they should have a constant staff working on content. Not saying it could not be done I just prefer the developers develop and the players play for an MMO. 
  • @lexmax

    When I mentioned giving IS a portion of the proceeds it would be for providing the hosting for the content, i.e. the store and AoC. 
  • @Ekimmu

    What I was thinking honestly.
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