Class quests

Will there be class quests? There is a proposal to make both in the skyrim. But whether it will be possible to pass to mages a quest of robbers and td


  • They were fun the way it was done in Lord of the Rings Online.   You actually had to pass a challenge that was suited to your class abilities and you usually had to use them to pass the test.
  • Steven mentioned in the June 30 livestream that your secondary class is chosen in game, so I'm guessing this will be through some kind of quest chain. I don't recall any specific mentions of class quests though. I hope there will be.
  • Could be an interesting quest chain especially since you have primary/secondary archetypes, so either they focus on primary archetypes only or create unique twists depending on your secondary archetype xD
  • could also be a way to make class specific lore 
  • @Awz I completely agree

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