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7/18 Live Stream Predictions

I predict the Ice Cream truck will show up and Steven will get that sad, longing look on his face as he sees it drive away. 

What do you guys expect to see or have answered?


  • I predict lots and LOTS of gameplay footage... Please IS... I predict that very much :bawling:
  • I would love to get a look on the races.
  • I'm guessing Steven has cut a deal with the ice cream truck guy to come earlier, or later.
  • I predict that many questions will be answered to the starving community haha XD
  • I predict at least two questions to come up that have already been answered lol ;)
  • I am willing to predict something that will be considered big news to be released =)
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    edited July 2017
    Hoping for more Gameplay Footage - mainly Combat for the Fighter & other improvements for Combat-Style and/or Animations. In addition to other
    Gigantic Scenery - something that hasn't been shown before that'll shed some light of the Devs' Vision. And how we, as a community, can help.

    But ... I'm expecting the same questions being answered   :s

    (EDIT: By " Gigantic-Scenery " , I'm referring to an area that you can actually go to and explore. Hence the image below for example  ;)  )

    ( each " layer " being explorable )
  • Bacon and Sandle memes everywhere! I predict a butt load of arena/early class footage and some armour concepts that we haven't seen yet.
  • I predict we will get more info about Pax Prime.
  • Wouldn't it be great if they gave away some Pax tickets for the days they are going to be there?
  • I'm hoping/predicting they tell us more about their gathering/crafting systems... Mainly cooking and fishing, but I would like to learn more about all the different gathering/refining/production paths you can take.
  • I predict, lots of water to be sipped from the mugs! and the mystery box, still never to be told what is inside... maybe never!   I really do hope we get to see some more in game stuff, combat, more around the world, some mounts.... and of course mention of the ice cream truck... lol
  • I predict raffles! <3
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