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Secrets (easter eggs)

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edited July 2017 in Ashes of Creation Lore
Hello everyone, there is a question whether there will be special secrets that will reveal the history of the world, or will we learn the history only from assignments? For example, there is a secret pass in the mountain about which no one knows, and if you go there you will come up with an assignment that tells you the story (mountains, places, races, the world and so on)


  • Inspiring question! <3 I hope that the lore will not be plainly spelt out, that it's discovered along the way as things unlock. Maybe you will be the first player on a server to unlock some hidden fragment of history. That would be more amazing to me than killing a world boss!
  • I love the idea of secrets, perhaps some secrets unlock hidden lore which can then lead to learning different recipes and so on.
  • I hope if they're gonna put an easter egg in the game at least put Intrepid studios "studio" in there as part of some ancient ruins that has also been a part of the ashes world.
  • Could be really cool to find hidden places that give some extra bonus for those that like to explore a bit more than a normal person would do XD
  • They've said in past live streams that they definitely want to have hidden lore that you will only find through exploring.  I couldn't be more excited about that.
  • I'd like to find a camp way out in the middle of no where, made up of the developers, and being attacked by a mass of those black bunnies.  Can we make it happen @Steven ?
  • A roaming caravan made up to look like an ice cream truck (genre appropriate) that when attacked does a really badass mechanic or encounter.
  • I truly love the idea of questing or exploring for hidden lore. Hoping that the lore enriches this world =)
  • Wouldn't mind exploring to fine some eggs with chocolate goodies inside myself... always loved tidbits of interesting lore would be nice if they have a few things that only unlocked if you knew the lore
  • Hidden passages and secret lairs with surprise tidbits  of lore,  ohhhhhhh ya!
  • Hidden passages and secret lairs with surprise tidbits  of lore,  ohhhhhhh ya!
    All hinting towards where to find that epic boss
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