Rogue Classes!

I just made this to add what i think about what the "classes" you can branch into with the Rogue as the primary Archetype, pay in mind, this is what i think, nothing official at all!

Rogue/Tank = Bodyguard/Brute/Thug
For me personally, i see a Rogue and with tanky augments to be like a man for hire that will protect whoever hired him as his personal bodyguard, for me personally this is what fits a Rogue/Tank the best
Possible Job lorewise?: A bodyguard for hire!

Rogue/Fighter = Pirate
IMO this was an easy one, a thief that are good at fighting, pirate, this is just common sense :)
Possible Job lorewise?: Being the thief of the sea as a pirate duh :P

Rogue/Rogue = Assassin
A full on rogue will be your master of stealth and assassination, nothing much else to say about it!
Possible Job lorewise?: A hitman or a bountyhunter but mostly a hitman!

Rogue/Ranger = Predator
This one has already been having some action with the cinematic trailer for Rogue/Ranger on youtube, nothing else to say!
Possible Job lorewise?: Same as Assassin, mostly a bountyhunter though!

Rogue/Summoner = Master of critters* 
I dont really know what to call this, but i personally think this combo he would be able to get a small group of rats to infect enemies in an area with diseases/poison or insects for that matter, both works!
Possible Job lorewise?: *

Rogue/Bard = Foul Language*
Hmm, its just a thief that likes to curse and be an ass to you with his terrible voice!
Possible Job lorewise?: *
(A bit of a joke since i dont know what else would be better)

Rogue/Mage = *

Possible Job lorewise?: *

Rogue/Cleric = *

Possible Job lorewise?: *

* = Work in Progress
If they got the * it means its up for change or to be done since i cant come up with something at the moment!

Hope you all enjoyed this little bit of my thoughts about the rogue, from what i know so far, i will likely play the Predator!


  • Rogue/Summoner sort of a "Rat King" for DPS or "Snake Charmer" for poison or "Bear" for tanking.  If you go down this route, you should have some ability to passive mobs, into not attacking you, then maybe hide in the bushes and unleash your army on a unsuspecting NPC/Player.

    Personally I'm liking either Rogue/Rogue, or Rogue/Ranger or Rogue/Bard.  The classic Rogue with different traits.

    I wonder if it would be possible, once we hit the level that requires a "sub class" to enter a training room to try out various combos, before committing to that sub class. GW2 has something similar, where if your unsure about a class, you can go to the PvP camp, your instantly maxed levelled and can try the class out with all it's abilities.
  • I'm leaning toward Rogue/Bard myself. I feel the Rogue who is already an opportunist, will have such opportunity skills amplified. A Rogue is:

    "The rogue is master of opportunity, using skill, positioning, and the environment to dish out frightening amounts of damage. In their downtime, they provide solid utility, helping their friends navigate dangers otherwise unseen."

     A Bard is:

    "Truly a force multiplier, the Bard weaves songs of glory and conquest, inspiring his comrades to ever greater heights. The Bard knows secret and powerful words, able to speak into being terrible nightmares, or convince foes to become friends."

    So I think the combo will likely involve creating opportunity by deceiving foes to become friends and then backstabbing them (You knife them while still convincing them you're their friend, haha!), or buffing certain opportunistic type strikes and providing a boon to allies.  

    I think Bard/Rogues should be called Silvertongues (since the bard's words will be given a rogue-ish flair to them), and Rogue/Bards might be called Charlatans/Tricksters/Rascals.

    Just my thoughts on the matter!

  • I like the idea for the Rouge/Bard being called a Rascal. I see then as a spy type of character. Could even call them an infiltrator. Lorewise, they get people to open up to them and spill secrets at a tavern. 

    Charlatan sounds like a Rouge/cleric to me. 

    Rouge/Tank I like the name Brawler

    Rouge/Mage - Shaman (I know it is stolen but it makes sense to me) 

  • We already had a topic covering a lot of this speculation a while back.
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