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What games did you play? And what game you think is the best!

My first game was in 1999 and it was called Lineage. Then I played in MU online, Lineage 2, WoW, Aion, ArcheAge, at the moment I play The elder scrolls online. The best MMORPG is Lineage 2 and The elder scrolls online


  • I played a LOT of MMOs and not sure I have a single favorite but I will tell you which ones I liked most for certain reasons! :)

    Purely my personal opinions based only on the games I have played for any length of time...
    Best PvP - Warhammer Online... I'm not a PvP guy, typically. Was so much fun!
    Most Time Wasted (a good thing I guess!?) - Everquest... It was fun but I need those hours of camping "mobs" back! LOL!
    Best Guild/Community Experience - Dark Age of Camelot (co-op server)... nothing to do with the actual game just a great guild/community
    Best Graphics - Guild Wars 2... so far ;)
    Best Background/Fluff - World of Warcraft
  • My all time favorite games are Mortal Kombat, Doom, Quake 2, Unreal Tournament (the original) and Minecraft. Favorite MMOs SecondLife (pre 2009), WoW (Wrath of the Lich King) and FFXIV. 
  • I played Ultima Online, Everquest, Rift and currently Black Desert Online, and they are all great games. Every game was better then the one(s) before it but that is perfectly normal with the huge leaps technology and development can take. But I liked UO and BDO best because they are sandbox games and allow you to explore and personalize your gaming experience more freely.

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    (In no particular order...)UO, GW, EQ, WoW, Lineage/II, SWToR, Trove, Archage, Secret World, Rift...I have left them all for one reason or another. IMO, at least at the time I was playing, Rift was far and away the best MMO of the bunch. Graphics were excellent for when it came out, there was always theorycrafting going on (ask me about my mage build that outDPS'd the "best" DPS at the time while out-healing all but one of the clerics in a 20m HK raid at the same time. XD), and the community was good. 
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    PvE wise (original) The Secret World... if it only had open PvP, that would have been a blast.

    PvP wise I loved vanilla wow, open pvp (i played on pvp server), awesome mini games. I would add to that naval battles and pvp-able trade runs from ArcheAge. Good castle sieges can be great, but I didn't play any game that had good ones.
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    My first game was Rappelz I think. But I didnt play it for long. After I played Perfect World International alot of years... then i played few games for a lil while like Aion, Age of Wushu/Wulin, Guild Wars 2, ArcheAge, Black Desert Online and for now I'm playing Final Fantasy 14 and some other Games and other little Genres. There are also some Games on Consoles like on the Wii, Switch, DS3 and PS4 I like to play. Pokemon and Zelda ...the long never ending Story ;_;

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