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Controller supported?


This game looks very promising! I am just wondering, is there any word on if this game is going to support the use of controllers?  

We are currently playing Black Desert Online and after 18 months daily playing a MMORPG on a controller, I can’t imagine going back to keyboard and mouse. The same goes for a lot of our members.

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Silverfauve MacGonagall


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    No word yet, but seems odd to not support controllers.
  • With them trying to keep the nimber of skills that you can use at any one time low, it makes sense to me that would help with making it controller friendly/suppoerted
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    In this day and age, yes, it does. I do hope they announce something soon.

    It doesn’t make sense for me to buy a crowd funding pack until I know for sure that I can play it on the controller. Ashes of Creations looks like it could become our next main game after Black Desert, but not without controller support.

  • If the skills you can use are indeed limited it seems like this should be supported. Still have a while to go until we will know how many skills can be used. 
  • IIRC they have said that expanding to console will not be in the plans, but it may come in the future, so I would guess that there's a good chance it will be controller supported. Good question for the next Q&A.
  • I would definitely like to see this. Many nights after work i honestly just dont feel like sitting in an office chair again staring at a Monitor..even to play a game i love. So the alternative has been sitting in my lazyboy, headset on and playing ESO or FFXIV with my steam controller. Its perfect. It allows me to wander, craft, do some PVE quests..but not have to sit in my home office if i dont feel like it. The other MMO's that havent allowed controller support just dont get played anymore. 
  • Dygz said:
    No word yet, but seems odd to not support controllers.
    QFT! I wouldn't benefit myself but I too feel this would be an strange move if Intrepid didn't incorporate this into the game.
  • Yet another feature that can't be wrong to add. Even a mix of controller/keyboard/mouse would be great. You have controller for movement/combat. and a toolbar that you can mouseclick/keyboard for things that usually clutter up UI, or are used infrequently, like pet/mount summons, long term buffs, and so on. For the last several years most games are just using a mix of 5 or less buttons anyways. The games that require you to have a combat rotation beyond 3-5 mashable are few and far between.
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    They did say in one of the kickstarter livestreams q&a that there is a strong possibility for controller support. Don't remember which one, but all the notes are on the aocwiki.
  • Finally an excuse to keep an Xbox controller \o/
  • I got given one with my Oculus that is gathering dust now that I use Touch. So yeah, it isn't like their core market doesn't have a controller lying around somewhere.
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