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Equipment appearances and shield

Hey guys. I am just curious to know if gear cosmetics is going to be strictly costumed based like black desert online? Or will each individual piece found or crafted have its own appearance? A big part of an mmo for me is my characters appearance and I love the thrill of finding a new piece and having it have its own appearance. I like the idea of transmogrification like world of Warcraft but hate black deserts only being costume based and that's all you get.

I was also wondering for the Tank warrior class, when your weapons are sheathes is the shield going to be on your back like other MMO such as World Of Warcraft, I usually main a tank and as silly as it sounds that is a big part of what makes me love the class, I find the look of a big shield and weapon on your back amazing.

Thanks guys!


  • I think there will be individual pieces that aren't part of a set but the tier sets will be obviously designed to look the same! Also they said there will be appearance or 'costume' slots that will take precedence over your actual armour so you can look like a lil' fluffy ol' sheep but have the force of a thousand dragons behind you! 

    The shield on the back is a must! Same as having a bow on your back as an archer or a wizard so part of me wants to say yes but not heard anything specifically!
  • Yeah I am all for the costume slots, and of course sets looking the same! I just love having to slowly find all the set pieces to complete it, not buy it for $5 and have the entire appearance, as well as finding mismatch pieces as you go through the world. The thrill of starting in a old shirt and pair of pants and slowly building your way to looking like a full blown knight as you level is amazing!

    I agree the bow on the back is a must as well as having your dual wield swords or whatever by your sides as an archer is a must! Glad to see someone else has the same views I do!
  • Cosmetic cash shop bothers me for that exact reason.. Games tend to include way too few options to gain costumes through actual gameplay these days. Or it takes unreasonable time to grind to convince ppl to buy them through cash shop ._.
  • I'd hope that any costumes could be gotten ingame if they're in the shop. If the shop is more convenient for someone then so be it, but if Intrepid make it possible to get both ingame and store than I see no problem with that. As a lifetime sub It'll be another way that I can support the game.
  • Expect many costumes to be available only in the cash shop.
    Which should be OK because they will be available at a reasonable price.
  • From what I can remember, crafted pieces will have different appearances based on the crafter, as well. Controlled by the player's race, crafting level, and materials used, I believe. There's definitely going to be variety amongst weapons and armor.
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    With 16 slots: 8 armor, 5 jewelry, 2 weapons, 1 ranged ... that is a lot of appearance possibilities; and all or most will be crafted.  Well except cash shop items.
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