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The myth of: Slashington


According to a myth, there was this clan of Wolf men, now what do we mean with Wolf men? According to popular beliefs they were humans with the blood of wolves almost making them what you would call a werewolf, except they were always in human form and could never transform!
They hailed from what is supposedly a wolf "demigod" that was the father of all wolves, whether this is real or not, we don't know however we know they lived really far up north!
The clan lived in a smaller castle with one big bell tower at the front and a clock aswell!
Before we continue on i think we need to go a bit deeper on the clan itself.
The clan had different ranks so to speak of with each person being kind of born into a certain type of wolf or practicing that wolf!
Most of the clan members were of the White Wolf or the Noble and Wise Wolf
while the man of the myth was born into the Black Wolf or the Shadow Wolf, while the White Wolf is really strong and durable the Black Wolf is alot more sinister in nature being really good at sticking to the shadows and even using the shadow to increase lifespan, this means that people of the Shadow Wolf supposedly could live for a really long time not to mention them being really good at staying unseen, why mention this? because it would play a role in the myth!
Slashington was always the outcast of the family, he was the only one of the Black Wolf while half the members were of the White Wolf and the rest were evenly split between the Grey Wolf and the Brown Wolf, the Grey is a little more meaner than the others but far from as hated as the Black one is, in the end both the Grey and Brown are a bit more inbetween the Black and the White while the Grey is a little closer to the Black than the Brown!
Now that you know about how the ranks of the clan worked we shall move further into the myth!
The Events that caused it all was when one day many years ago, when the clan got invaded by multiple other clans that wanted the Wolf Clan gone, these clans however were normal clans between different beings.
The Wolf clan had no idea about the assault until the rival clans had broken into the castle and started a fire, the clan started dying left and right and the ones that wasn't immediately killed was taken outside for an execution, they had also taken all the corpses of the ones they had already killed outside so they could count how many of them were dead and if anyone was left that they had not catched yet and were still remaining in the area!
After 30 minutes or so they had either captured or killed everyone but one single person, so the clans started sending their best rangers out that had special training at tracking targets down and were their top bounty hunters!
What they didn't know however was that the last remaining which we will refer to as Slashington had perfected his arts of stealth and would take them all down one by one and had easy access around the burning castle because he knew all the ins and outs and at one point managed to get himself to the roof.
At this point in time some of the rival clans guards had spotted all the dead bounty hunters, everyone of them had been marked with these wolf slashes that looks like 4 sharp claws had been severely damaging making them bleed so heavily that they were estimated to die within seconds.
Knowing this they decided to get the whole group outside to the rest of the clans and start executing the captured clan!
While they were executed one by one, Slashington would stay on the roof while avoiding the fires plotting a way to kill them all knowing he likely wouldn't be able to save any of them but he would survive and continue the legacy of his clan.
He started to meditate to get in touch with his inner Black Wolf spirit
As such he made a deal allowing his spirit more freedom making Slashington become just a bit less human and more closer to the beast within, this would make his eyes appear as glowing wolf eyes which can be seen from a distance if he would allow himself to be seen, with this newfound beastly power, he went down the roof to start finishing the clans that had assaulted the castle and killed all his clanmates
He managed to take down 10 enemies before getting spotted and then they all started to attack in one big group, unfortunately for them they didn't know how strong a person could get if he managed to reach his inner spirit and let it loose since he became too quick and too lethal killing them all left and right with one single swipe from his hands which he wielded weapons made to be really close to wolf claws being almost like 4 daggers swiping you at once, we dont know if he had one or two of those since theres only been found a single swipe on every person that died and was marked by him.
Didn't take long until he had managed to finish every single person off with a single swipe on all mind you.
He was then spotted by a caravan passing through the area and according to the sources of the caravan all they saw from the burning castle at the distance was a load of dead guards and at the top of the burning tower they saw one figure at the very top infront of the burning fire, the only colour they got out of him was some glowing eyes until he then disappeared out of thin air which shouldn't be possible right infront of fire to light up the area.

It began being silent for multiple years until out of nowhere one of the rival towns was attacked leaving behind a trail of dead guards with a single swipe of what appears to be wolf claws, didn't even take long until the bells began ringing just for the king of the town to come screaming out of the castle where he then got jumped on from the air of a shadowy figure with glowing eyes that looked like wolf eyes, this time it was different however, he didn't stop at a single swipe instead he were brutally clawing at the king over and over again until he was completely torn apart, all infront of the civillians just looking in terror as their king was completely torn apart with limbs here and there and the guts all over while standing around the corpses of dead guards that didn't even get brutalized like this, they didn't even start to run away until the figure started growling in a wolf like manner however luckily for them he wasn't interested in the civilians as he stared to run away and disappear out of the blue, that was just one of 6 rival clans that had been attacked by this figure which we still believe to be Slashington and as they got more information about what had happened and information from the caravan that passed the castle where the figure is believed to come from, they started calling the figure for Lord Slashington after being the only somewhat survivor of a whole clan coming from a well known castle of noble beings and also the lesser noble ones!
Over the next 20 years the rest of the clans that had attacked the wolf clan began getting attacked in similiar ways as the first town, all the guards dying with a single swipe and the king or the leader being completely annihilated.
It started to slow down alot once all the clans had been dealt with and nothing appeared to come from Slashington for a really long time until a 100 years later there was the occasional person here or there found with the what seems like the mark of Slashington, for all we know this could be a person trying to mask himself as the myth of Slashington however we may never know.

End of the myth!

Hope you all enjoyed this different approach to making a story in the form of a myth, my character is gonna be a Predator aka Rogue/Ranger and a human!
Its really long i know but i had alot of creativity and the events are supposed to take place long time before they left the world through the gates and Slashington had found a way to increase his lifespan by a long time through the arts of the Black Wolf, we all know how we will likely not seem to age so i find it somewhat reasonable considering in most fantasies elves live forever unless killed :P
Been awhile since i have done anything like this to be honest and it was fun to write! 


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