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About RAIDs

Hi! I've seen in various videos also in the Kickstarter page there is gonna be raiding PVE.

Where can I get more information about AoC Raiding? Does anybody know nothing else about it?


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    edited July 2017
    Not so many informations are given right now, but we know that one group is max 8 persons, so bigger raids have 8 times group number. We also know that raids can be discovered when the node evolves and so on:
    Check their Youtube channel
    and this link: 
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    They've mentioned 40 man raids, they've mentioned instanced raids with challenging group mechanics, but also open world stuff with World Bosses. Steven also mentioned sets like in WoW (during a discord q&a). Apart from that much not is known except they'll have some type of raid scoreboards. We don't know if those will be for timed stuff or performance metrics. Could be both.
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    @TheCouchNerd and @WhyMe2000f have pretty much summed it up as there will be events with the Nodes and there levels. The Feature of were you can be the monster that raids the Node by using a "Monster Coin" which has certain ranks and are only doable if the Node is at a certain stage. I think there is 3 monster coins and i believe all 3 of them can be activated from level 3 above but some can only be activated on stages 3-5 i believe, don't quote me :wink::smile:

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    Thanks for the info. I'm actually listening the youtube podcasts to get more info.

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