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Hidden classes

Why not making It possibile to choose the classe in game After a few level and the adding hidden classes that can be found by particolar quests or npc in hided places and very hard to find for players. It would be fun to find them. Furthermore I suggest making them very powerful but long to develop and without the choice of making a secondari classe then. I know It is already announced there will be crafting and stuff like that but why not also making them a real in game job. Still I don't yet know of all the game features since it's yet to discover or I have yet to read about it. Hope you appreciate my idea.


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    The problem with Hidden Classes acquired through quests and such is that they end up either not being so hidden (forums, wiki, faq guides) or become unattainable because of limited availability and eventually become unbalanced to the standard classes (underpowered/overpowered).

    I think Hidden Classes makes balance much more difficult and would rather RNG Weapons Stats / Skills which are a little less grand in scale by comparison.
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    This was done with the original jedi unlock mechanic with SWG years ago. It took at least 6 months from launch before people began to figure out how to do it and the first unlock appeared and consumed people for months. Since we have veterans from SWG working at Intrepid, who knows what they will come up with. But I fully expect them to stay away from such shenanigans. The inclusion of an exclusive hidden class backfired spectacularly on SOE, so much so that it was decided to dumb down the game to cater to the screaming masses that resulted in the NGE, which ultimately led to the downfall of the game. People were so upset over the changes that they lost a huge chunk of their playerbase, there were news reports of people going into stores and vandalizing box copies of the game. (This was waaaaay back when you had to go to an actual store to buy a physical copy of a game.) Basically the idea that everyone should be able to become a jedi just by starting an account and changing the combat to make it easier for people ruined what was seen by many as one of the best mmos ever to come out.
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    @UnknownSystemError Why are you opening old wounds :(:p 

    I miss SWG pre CU/NGE.
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    Hahahaha....I feel your pain. I was lucky enough to unlock my Elder Jedi with two hours to spare before the servers went down for CU/NGE. All we got was blue glowy, and shitty robe, and a title. I managed to last until the Kashykk expansion, then left in disgust.

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    Same as me then. I miss how their skill and class system used to work. Was so good.
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    I would be for secret unlockable classes added in after the first year.  Kind of like Jedi was for SWG.  If they can figure out the balance formula, it would be awesome.
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