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Could someone help me out? Kickstarter question

So I have been out of the loop, for a bit, but I thought the only thing I needed to do was make sure that my Kickstarter email was the same as the email I had listed under the account section here, which it is.  But I still dont see any information in my account section when I look here

Am I missing something?

Kickstarter shows that I funded and backed the project, but nothing on the Ashes account.

Anyone care to bring me up to speed if I am missing something?


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    edited July 2017
    You should have received an email from the studio with an code in it. You need to link it to ashes account. And then you should be able to see it on the link Diura provided. 

    Don't forget to PROPERLY look through promotion/spam folder aswell if you havent found it in the inbox. 
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    And if you accidentally deleted said email, contact customer support, they will be able to get you sorted. However, due to issues with the summer backing and upgrades they are in a bit of a backlog, so might take them awhile to get back to you. Then again, it isn't like the game is actually up and running and you are missing out on time, lots of time to get you sorted before it is a big issue.
    All Custom Service Inquiries: CS@IntrepidStudios
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    Thanks folks, indeed checked my spam folder nothing, checked deleted just in case, nothing, checked archived just in case nothing.  SO ... Sent Customer Support ( an email still waiting to hear back.

    Appreciate all your input, thought I was missing a step somewhere.
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    Update, was contacted by "Matt" from CS@IS, he let me know he would look into this for me. 
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    Nostuine said:
    Update, was contacted by "Matt" from CS@IS, he let me know he would look into this for me. 

    Was Matt able to assist you with this issue?


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    Yes, sorry I should have updated the posting, Braver of Worlds "package" now shows correctly on my account.  Thanks kindly for the follow up Belewyn
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    Anytime hun =)
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