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Bompton! PV[anything] let's go!! Bompton hype is real!

BOMPTON is on top of this awesome game to come (Ashes of creation) bringing the West coast Gangsta mentality to world pvp, arenas, pvp instance, and pve! Joining BOMPTON just know that anything could happen, so most of the time, we are preparing for just that. If you're finding yourself being bullied just know BOMPTON has your back. We go to war for each other "WHOOP!" We stay in groups "cause I ain't trying to die!" Never get caught slippin is our Mato. With the fact that we are coming to a new game we will only be bringing a handful of original members over to ashes of creation witch means unlike other guilds there is room to move up in ranks! Come be apart of our friendly trash talking , competitive, all in good fun guild. "BoOoOMPTON , Whoooop!!"


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