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Another newbie hello

Hi all, KS backer myself, and finally posting here. Pretty excited to see the progress and looking forward to playing.

Is there a plan for an "RP-centric" server at launch? Something for those of us geeky players who like to enjoy character interaction more than purely a player-centric meta.


  • Hello and welcome! Intrepid Studios has said that there won't be RP or PVP servers and that they expect each server to have a mix of everything. If you're really interested in the RP aspect, you could try finding a guild before launch that is focusing on RP. 

    Personally, I will definitely RP some but it isn't my main focus.

    A warm welcome to our community! 
  • Welcome welcome to the community of AoC :smiley:

  • Welcome @Corsair! :) 
  • Hello @Corsair o/ and welcome to the community smile
  • Welcome @Corsair, Intrepid said that every server will have the same rules but they'll all be different as of the whole what the community does reflects the environment such as the node stages.:sunglasses::smiley:!
  • Welcome!

    As stated above there will not be an RP server listed by Intrepid but in these type of cases the RP community normally will pick and designate a server that all the RP players/guilds will flock to. This in a sense makes an almost RP server. I would stay tuned on the forums because I am sure that will happen as it gets close to launch. Still a long way away from that though. 

  • @Corsair Welcome to the forums!
  • Welcome to the Ashes tribe @Corsair! By the way... I love your keyboards ;)
  • Welcome to the glorious community @Corsair
  • Welcome to the community. Hope you have fun on the forum.
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