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Backed during the Kickstarter but havent introduced myself yet.. so here it goes..

*starting copy paste introduction*
100% Completed.

My name is Patrick Berger AKA Timeraider

Born in the Netherlands in 1993
Done a course Indie Game Design. Finished an ICT study and i am an now certified ICT-specialist that focusses on everything from server- and network-management up to remote monitoring and automating processes and services.
Working for Datamex automatisation as Managed Services (Remote network monitoring).

Real MMO and FPS enthousiast with a big passion for PvP 

Years of experience with both playing games as well as assisting the designing them
As hobbies i play games, write my own stories, do some digital drawing/editing or simply relax in the sun

Kickstarter History:
Creator of the Elemental Scourge ravaging the kingdom of For the King by Ironoak games.

Creator of the Uicisse family of which Aevum is mostly the main highlight of the bloodline but other relatives are also known and found. These characters so far have been fully introduced in Old North:Celestian Tales by Ekuator Games but will feature alot more prominently in the upcoming two sequels in the Old North series. The names, lore and even appearance of the Uicisse family will happen in more games (including but not limited to the upcoming For the King, Gloria Victus, a few Kickstarter projects and more)

Backed quite a decent amount of games through Kickstarter which so far have been succesfull but first time backing an MMO. Basically i am looking for something to.. well.. transfer my life into would sound desperate wouldnt it? Lets just say im looking for a game to represent and lose myself in :D

Objective, calm and to the point is what people expect from me.
Knowing your enemy is just as important as knowing yourself 

My rig: 
Actic Secrets Custom PC
Overclocked GTX1080TI
I7 7700K (Overclocked to 4,7 gHz)
Corsair Vengeance 16gb 2,7 gHz RAM
NZXT Source 340 Elite Red Case with some sweet Be Quiet! fans

"You are stronk, like SingSing" - Cirrus Minor, June 2014


  • Nice that you backed this MMO like so many others ;) welcome welcome to the awesome community of AoC ;)
  • Wow! Welcome @Timeraider!
  • Welcome to our community @Timeraider... Look forward to sharing some MMO war stories with you :) Nice rig by the way!
  • Welcome! Gotta say that I'm jealous of your rig :smiley:
  • Welcome! Glad you backed and joined us! 
  • Came to welcome and feel like i got a resume...Welcome to the forums!!!
  • Hello @Timeraider o/ and welcome to the community smile
  • Welcome @Timeraider

    Please make time fly so we can all start alpha and beta testing!
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    Rofus said:
    Welcome! Gotta say that I'm jealous of your rig :smiley:
    Thank you. I must admit that i only made this rig a month of 1.5 ago.
    My last rig i was using was a laptop with a gtx680m and an i7 3,2 ghz. Which btw at the time of purchase was the strongest gaming laptop XD but over the years.. yeah.. the laptop worked fine and even the some new games were runnable at close to 60 fps as long as i dropped the quality down quite a bit :pensive:
    But then the great frying of the GPU happened and had to replace it after quite a bit of years :pensive:

    Welcome @Timeraider

    Please make time fly so we can all start alpha and beta testing!
    Wish i could. Best i can do is raid it so that ONCE alpha and beta testing starts you will be like "well, that went faster than i thought it would be" but sadly cant speed it up ;D
    A time speed up action would have helped me alot with my own painfull hype i had way before the release of GW2

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    Welcome @Timeraider, hope you will enjoy this community and hopefully to see you in game one day.
  • Welcome to the community. Hope you have fun on the forum.
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