In game alignment

I've not been keeping up with live streams for a while now, so bare with me if this has been answered.  But do you think there'll be anything like in game alignments involved?

I'm just talking good / bad here, perhaps changing with various nodes.  I would imagine you'd gain "good" points more slowly, for things like doing quests local to a node, or having your guild based in one, while gaining the bad alignment status would be a bit easier, by attacking a node, or raiding caravans from specific nodes etc, or repeated PKing.

I'm not thinking this would have any game ruining side effects or anything (like killing a chicken in skyrim) just more like minor changes to how you're perceived, perhaps if you're well liked more stock opens up to you in NPC stores, or you get a slight discount and you'll get quests from certain NPCs more often, while being disliked you'll get a different branch of quests, maybe different sellers / items become available to you.  

Don't really know how well this would work mind you, just came to mind while reading another post.


  • I believe the Religion sub-quests will address that. They have said that there won't be good/evil alignments as such. Characters may choose to be "good" one day, and "evil" then next with no repercussions. The penalties for corruption due to PK actions do not fall under that system.
  • They haven't stated anything about alignment.  They stated there would be no factions aka  Alliance and Horde. They have stated the servers will track our actions in a given node and it would be nice if that played out sort of like the alignment in fable. The better or more notorious you are in a specific region effects how npc's interact with you in that region.  Depending on how famous or infamous you are it could expand to adjoining nodes as well...You move to another node on the other side of the world and they have no idea who you are and over time you fade into obscurity in your previous node.  

    I like the idea and it ties in with the every player matters concept that this game is going for.  I don't know how intense it would be for them to implement a system like this into the game but at this early stage in development its the perfect time for them to consider such an addition if it isn't already in.  Of course I just said I was pro pick pocketing in another thread and that would factor in nicely with the whole infamy aspect here. Bounties could be taken out on players who are rabid pk's/thieves and killing them and bringing them to justice would increase your fame in the nodes that they practice their nefarious activities.
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