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AoC Comic: Antics of Creation #002

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"In which we learn of the mage's profession."
This one took a long time. It was a very original joke, and I got in a bit over my head with the layout. Hopefully future pages should be considerably faster as I learn from mistakes. Please enjoy.

Xeno here, writer and brain monkey. So, when I was younger, I had a horrible pain in my jaw for the first time in my life. Honestly no idea what the hell it was until I was advised it was a toothache. I went to my dentist multiple times and even though the pain was in the lower-left-back of my jaw, I was told repeatedly that I was experiencing "transplanted pain" and that I needed fillings at the top-right-front of my jaw. Dismissing the idiot after seeing him twice, I saw my GP and even went to hospital because of the pain. Eventually, I went back to my dentist, but asked to see a different one, and within 2 minutes he discovered one of my wisdom teeth was "bad". He took it out and I felt leagues better. I had to put up with the pain for a month dealing with that crappy dentist, so even though Mage here is "Cheep", at least she fixed the problem straight away.


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