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Kickstarter isn't linked?

Hey, sorry, kinda new and all, but I had donated on kickstarter and all, but can't quite figure out how to link it to my account here and all. Can anyone help me out with that?


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    hi there, if your a kickstarter backer you should of got a email with a code in it check in your spam/ promotions folders and you can check if it has been linked here
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    edited July 2017
    You should eventually have gotten an email (look also in the spam mailbox) whereby all you had to do was follow the link, login on the site and then you have a redeembutton you had to type the copde in (which was in the mail)
    After that it will appear under your account in the "Orders" option/tab
    If you dont have the mail on the email your Kickstarteraccount was made with you should probably contact support on the homepage of this site.
    Should look like:

    Sent by:>

    Your Kickstarter Key Code is Here!

    We have great news! Your Kickstarter package code is finally here!

    To apply your code to your existing Ashes of Creation account, go to Enter your code (including dashes) and click the Submit button.

    Don't have an account yet? Go to Then follow the steps above to add your code.

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    They should have mailed you a code to link your account. Click on the link in the email. Then enter the code. Do NOT cut and paste as sometimes that is a bit buggy. Hit submit. Go to Ashes homepage. log in if you are not. Go to account, click on orders tab. If you see your package there, you are basically done for the moment. If you want to you can go to store and upgrade your KS package for the difference in the packages. Say you bought 100 package and want to upgrade to the 500 bravers. You would pay the difference of 400. The other thing you will see is summer backer addons under account tab. Those are the cosmetics from the summer backing program. With KS you will get everything in your package. You will NOT get the addons from the summer backing for free. Right now KS people get the dance and wand from summer backing. If there is something there you can't live without, you can buy it there.

    If for some reason you can't find your email, make sure to look in all the various folders as people reported finding it under promotions and other tabs depending on your program. Barring all that you can contact CS@IntrepidStudios
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    God we are fast btw... 3 replies in almost the same minute XD
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    ah, ok. I was able to look through and find the key in my email, so thanks guys!
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    I will go ahead and move this to our customer Service Thread and close as resolved since you are all squared away now =)
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