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Insult me! Homage to Monkey Island insult swordplay, tavern drinking game?

"You fight like a dairy farmer! " Ok this ones probably copyright :D


Whilst wandering around the world you can 'discover' npcs, books or inscriptions that increase your characters depth of knowledge of (funny or interesting, novel or unusual) insults and retorts.

Um.... my brains gone for a long walk....900 or so notifications to catch up on will do that to most people. So I'm making this up add i go along, anyone else who could come up with a better mechanic, go ahead.

But I think that almost anyone would love the idea of 'jousting' insults at each other


As the insulter, you can direct an insult at anyone, but it has to be aimed.

I think this would work in a similar way to pvp, only with insults and a instead of corruption, you get a 'shame guage' 

if you start the insults against someone without an active shame gauge, you get shame penalties.p

And when first insulted, if you choose to 'ignore' rather than 'play', you don't lose anything and the shame disappears.

Like pvp, this then means that anyone with an active shame guage is then an open target for retorts or fresh insults without fresh penalties for others who want to step in and defend the 'honour' of their friends.

But Why?
Surely it would just be awesome,  though I say this from the point of view of being a long time fan of 'interesting' insults, but I also quite like the idea of a 'shame' point store.

You gain small points that take a looong to build up
And can swap them for cosmetics, new insults etc etc.

But yeah, random idea... any takers?


  • This idea is bad and you should feel bad.

    I'm kidding.

    I think it would be pretty cool as kind of like a quick time event at a bar or tavern. You could get a quick string of like 4 options that appear on screen and you gotta chain them together to make an insult as quick as you can.

    You might mess up and choose something a long the lines of [ you ] [ smell ] [ daisy ] [ chair ].

    I dunno. I think as long as the options are preset it could be an interesting thing. Letting players type whatever they want could turn ugly pretty quick and I'm not sure how a scoring method would work unless the options are predetermined.

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    @Czar change her discord profile so fast, my internet can't keep up!
    That's not even an insult è_è
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    Counter insults... I can see it now...

    'You're about as much use as a condom machine in the Vatican!', Zid smirks triumphantly.

    Megs sneers and counters with the legendary 'So is your mum' card.

    Zid is knocked back and loses 35 patter points (patter means jokes/insults in Scottish).

    'How dare you!' Zed splutters... 'A-a-at least my mum isn't weighed in Scientific Notation!'.

    Megs smiles and loses only 5 patter points, due to Zid's poor display of humour.

    Zid's bottom lip begins to quiver... 'D-d-did you hear...'.

    Meg yells 'You ever hear the drop rate on your mum's underwear?' as she interrupts the poor boy before her.

    Zid cowers in fear, 'N-no p-p-lease stop'.

    Meg whispers '100%'.

    Zid is blown backwards as all of his patter points are removed and loses the duel.

    Definitely got carried away....
  • Ummmm..... Ur mom has a nice village. 
  • Your strength is inadequate and you retreat from combat!
  • Given how timid and cute the last part of your name Meep sounds I'm surprised you'd have the courage to insult someone's strength. =p
  • "Your mother is a hamster and your father smells of elder berries!"

    Is and will forever be the best insult to grace us mere mortals!
  • An empty taxi pulled up to the drive and you got out
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