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? Difficulty for the Long-Range ?

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The main reason why  (some) Players don't like Tab-Targeting is because Long-range Classes (or Archetype ) ... becomes relatively easy to play with. Thus minimal to no effort.

Now,  Intrepid Devs did mention that they plan to incorporate a Hybrid Combat-Style of Tab-Targeting & Action Combat. What would be some ways to actually make the Long-range Class more intricate ; how would it be possible to add some level difficulty , without making the Class too ... " Generically Simple/ Easy " ... while still maintaining a " sense " of realism ?

Even if* FPS-Combat were to be considered for the Long-range Class (Archetype) ... then any " Aimbots " would have to be* repelled in the coding.

The bright side is, in-game Footage have already been shown in one of the LiveStreams. So far, it seems as though the Pacing is not too fast & not too slow.
( Yes I'm aware that it's still Pre-Alpha )

And although more information is needed, i still think its worth thinking about.

EDIT:  in-game Pre-Alpha Footage have already been shown in *Multiple* LiveStreams


  • I like action type long range combat. Because if the guy lags he will miss every single shot as long as you don't stand still and it doesn't have a ridiculous hitbox. :D 

    Anyway, enough jokes. From what Steven said, "The actual combat system which will be available at PAX will only be at 30% of what we wish for."
     I think it was said during the last stream and I won't bother finding the timestamp and I might be wrong on few things. (I'm sure he about the 30% thing, I'm just a bit uncertain if it was about PAX or at that moment on their servers).

    So, I think the game will be a bit more fast paced since I think Steven might have been exaggerating with "only 30%". I'm sure that there are many things missing but not 70% of the mechanics. Then I'll need 2 keyboards.

  • @Waysm yeah Steven was saying that the archetypes are only about 30% of what we will actually see at launch.

    Firstly PAX characters will only be the primary archetypes - no secondary archetypes present

    Secondly - no skill trees so PAX have a set skill build so that won't reflect the choices we will have at launch 

    Also other factors like race and weapon type choices are not available at PAX so much of what we see is just a taster of what is to come :3

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    @Waysm  Honestly, I've never played an Action-Combat Style MMO. But i have seen the Trailers and other gameplay of other MMOs ... it doesn't look very challenging, while still have  maintaining " some sort of realism "

    ( referring to Hack-n-Slash )

    But I do admit that some Abilities are better expressed & conveyed by Action-Combat

    So some abilities are necessary for Action Combat. However, usually action-combat abilities are believed to be Area Damage abilities ... which seems to favor Hack-n-Slash Gameplay

    ( I never did like Hack-n-Slash  Style for MMOs :s  ) 
  • On the discord, Shunex answered this question:

    "-You've said that you didn't want to show or go in depth into combat. Reason being that the combat still needed a bit of work and showing it now would give the wrong idea of what combat would actually be like. So my question is, since you're going and showing a duengon and pvp expierence at PAX, does that mean that what we see there is going to be, at it's core, indicitave of combat overall? Or will there still be more key parts to combat we'll be seeing later?

    +There will be additional key parts as we further develop the combat, but our PAX experience will be around 20% of what combat will feel like in Ashes"
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    @Zastro that's not what mean - this is not a thread where there is one definite answer

    Rather, a list of proposed-suggestions 
    ( Re-read the underlined sentence in my initial comment )

    I just want another's POV on " that " sentence 

    how would it be possible to add some level difficulty , without making the Class too ... " Generically Simple/ Easy " 』
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    @Eragale I know, i was just correcting the above statments that said 30% done :blush:
  • I think an aiming mechanic like ESO would be nice to see for bow users.
  • @Zasto I never played ESO. What do you mean ? :)
    Is there a class that uses Bows ?
  • @Eragale I think he means something similar to TERA, but this kind of thing is very lag/fps sensitive. If you have a shet pc, you're gonna have a bad time.
  • @Eragale In ESO, every class can use every weapon, like Ashes will be. You have to aim in ESO to a degree. There is soft targeting, so as long as you are aiming at them  you can be off in your aim by a little bit and still hit them.
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