How will sieges be initiated, and who will initiate them?

Scenario: let's say two nodes are friendly towards each other... they both trade, their governments often communicate and work in each other's interest, etc. But then along comes a jacka** from one of the nodes and he decides to declare a siege on the other friendly node. What prevents a random citizen from going out and declaring a siege on a node even if the citizens from his home node do not want to attack?

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    These are some answers from intrepid regarding node sieging.

    Who determines if a node is under siege or not, can one guy just start a siege?

    • Anyone that can complete the prerequisites of node sieges can start it, and anyone can participate.  

    Who can participate in node sieges?

    • Anyone can participate in node sieges; the castle sieges are different however.

    You have to keep in mind that its not Node VS Node its Players VS Node 
    anyone can declare war on a node and anyone can sign up to come participate.


  • Anyone can initiate a siege is they can meet the prerequisites as stated above.  It's not all that easy for one person. that's where working together comes in to play as well as it does for defending a node. The amount of effort and resources required to declare a siege is substantial.  It is also time consuming. When a siege has been declared, there is a declaration period. The higher level the node, the longer the period will last.
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