Server types

So whats everyones thoughts on being able to admin their own personal server? What i mean is more along the lines of just having the server almost whitelisted for just you and your friends or even for true "guild vs guild" style combat. Personally, id love the ability to be able to admin my own server for my friends. Im biased though as I like PvE more then PvP myself. Thoughts?


  • I personally am not a big fan of that. Certain games, Arma for example, may benefit from this option, but I feel that we loose the Massively Multiplayer element here. If we learned anything from ArcheAge its that too many servers dilutes a population and greatly decreases the longevity of the game.
  • you want to admin a server for a couple hundred people? Or do you mean admin a full server which would serve around 10,000 people (2500 concurrent)?

    I doubt most people have the resources to admin a full server, and I would be against a smaller server as it would fragment the community.

    My support will always go to whatever method secures the largest gaming community.
  • I agree with both of you, I meant more so for like just a smaller group of people. Say me and my friends just wanted to play among ourselves. Im okay with just having only the official servers though. Considering that my friends and I enjoy playing RPGs and all, being able to play a MP game among ourselves that would react would be neat.
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