Will body build influence stats?

It's a very rough idea, just something that came to my mind while discussing the right boob size with my friend.. 

I think it might be really cool, if different body builds would influence some stats.
For example, if you were to have a chubby character, your stability (stagger resistance?) would increase in exchange for a certain amount of stamina. 

Having a muscular character might increase your stability/strength at the cost of stamina regeneration. 

On the other hand, having a slim body might increase your stamina regeneration, but it decrease your stability/strength.

I think this might spice character creatization a bit. You would not spend 10 hours making a character based on looks and name, but 20 hours while taking this in to account. 

EDIT: Chubby character might even have an increased buff from food or something like that.. 

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