Please Please Please

Please for the  love of god  never ever  think about  adding flying in your game i played alot of MMOs and oh boy....... whenever they adding  flying in thier world somehow the world become more less intresting and boring to a point.... well look at me now typing in forums  of a game that can bring me what i lost in my lasts mmos  that i did puts time and effort to them.

so please never consider it xD


  • They have stated multiple times that they agree that flying should only be something that is extremely limited and has a purpose. As of right now flying will be limited to the mayor/leaders of metropolis nodes (so max 5 after a several month effort) and guild leader castle owners(think max 3?) (and they lose access to the flying mount after losing control of that castle). Other mounts you see in the concept art with wings will "hover" and will not be able to jump over obstacles more than a horse would, but you may see a limited "glide" mechanic on those.
  • Yeah. I liked gliding in gw2. Gliding is cool. But flying always kills the purpose of walking ever again.
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    @UnknownSystemError pretty much summed everything up.
    Intrepid want travel to have meaning and impact.
    They cant do that if you can bypass all of it on a whim and the click of a button.
    There is no instant travel either.
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