PAX Guild Looking For The BEST of The BEST

Did you bought PAX tickets? Do you aim to play Ashes of Creation at PAX? Well, we are also aiming to go to PAX and experience the so described "Renaissance of the MMO genre" for our selves. Who are we? What do we value? And what are we aiming to achieve at PAX? 

Who are We? 

We are dubbed Hyenas, and are a guild that has its roots in World of Warcraft, especially the PvP scene. Sadly, WoW has become extremely cyclic in it's content and expansions. Simply put, everything new is a re-skinned version of what was, and it's because of this cyclic nature, we decided to leave it couple months ago, and venture, or find a new MMO to look forward to while we take a hiatus from MMOs. Well, that MMO just so happened to be Ashes of Creation. 

What do we value? 

We value greed more than anything. Now, that might sound something bad, and at first, it does, but greed is basically desire for more.
We value that our players have desire for more knowledge, for more power, for more mastery over whatever mechanics the intrepid team has in store for us at PAX. Simply put, be a good gamer. Equally important, or almost equally important is the ability to communicate with team members, especially in a place like PAX. 

What Are We Aiming To Achieve At PAX? 

To say we are aiming to have fun playing AoC at PAX would be a rather dull minded answer. While we hope whatever intrepid showcases there will be fun ,we are aiming to have a first move into the Ashes scene. We hope to gather as much information on bugs, so that we can help the intrepid team better the game while at the same time trying to gather any information that might of use to our guild/guildies, especially anything that can provide us advantages over our competition.

To join us, leave the following information bellow. 

A screen shot of your PAX Ticket
Answer each one of the questions above. So, answer
1: Who you are? 
2: What do you value most? 
3: What are you aiming to achieve at PAX? 
Also, please tell if you're in any guilds currently. We have a kill list, and if you're on our kill list, we will most likely refuse you. I hope to see you at PAX. Cheers :) 


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