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The day to remember. Act 1.

Hey guys, just wanted to say that I've been enthralled with this game at its concept and so inspired me to write a short story. Here is act one of several. I am no writer and this is my first story so go easy on me but I would love constructive criticism. Thanks and I hope you all enjoy. 

Act one.
It was as any other day on that day of the last days. The sky was blue and colourful in the height of summer. From the high walls of the city, you could see far. All the way over to the high peaks of Mason mountain, to the lake at it's feet, glistening in the sunlight, for it was mid-afternoon at this point. Velix was basking in the day and his job, happy, though he hadn't left the city in weeks. With all the news of corruption lurking in the forests that almost surround the city, apart from the northern side where Velix was on watch, his usual spot under the eye of the mountain. Velix was Human like most of the inhabitants of the city. He stood at six feet and was young, only 20, which showed in his complexion and scraggly beard. His hair was long, dark and almost and his shoulders. He had a good life, good looks, good health and a good job as a watchman. Very little brought his mood down. He did, however, notice a change in the wind as he tickled his bow string whilst watching. The day got cold and fast. Velix frowned as the weather went from glorious to depressing. The wind picked up, grey clouds blanketed the sky and the temperature dropped drastically. He turned to the far end of the city, something drew his attention to the stone carved monument at the end of the city, behind the cathedral. He was told that it was a gift of some sort, magical, said to help them in dire times somehow. Velix didn't really take notice as he was content. His life was good and, sure, the evil in the lands did seem to either increase in activity or potency but never either nor was it anything the city guard or the cities military couldn't handle. He shook away his thoughts and continued his watch, wrapping himself in his brown cloak to shelter him from the new, strong winds. Velix looked up to the sky and could just about pick out where the sun was hiding in the dark, grey, clouds. It must of been close to the end of his watch on these tall, stone, walls. He looked around to see if his replacement could be seen but nothing.
"Must still be time left as yet." He said aloud to himself. "Or they are bloody late again." He shrugged, turning to have another scan of the horizon. Something caught his eye. A rider! Coming from the trees. He looked like Baric, one of the soldiers of the cities military and also Velix's older brother. Something was wrong. Velix frowned and his eyes widened. He was worried enough to see him alone when he left with hundreds to check on a local farm. Some trouble with local beasts or something. But Velix had good eyes and spotted the blood on Baric and his horse. Velix bolted to the gate shouting.
"Rider! Wounded rider at the northern gates!" Baric rode into the city, the gates closing behind him. He collapsed a top his horse, breathing heavily. A few men and women came to his aid. Velix helped them lower him off the horse whilst others took the horse away or went to fetch the guard captain. Baric looked up through some blood to see his younger brother looking worried as hell. He almost spoke but passed out.

Baric awoke in some familiar bed. He scanned the room, twas his own, though it was not usually filled with people. A female cleric was tending to a wound on his left arm and cleaning all the dried blood off of him. Velix was there with a dumb smile of relief. Next to him was the stern looking, grey haired, guard captain, Glenn Greenwald. Baric sat himself upright.
"Steady." the cleric said to him. He recognised her as of the cardinals assistants, Zora.
"I'll live, it's mainly fatigue." Baric said sternly. "I must speak urgently." No one was ready to argue, Baric was a strong, determined man on a good day and matched only with his own stubbornness, he is not someone you'd want to anger.
 "Agreed, I need a report to give to the council immediately." Glenn spoke with a sense of urgency, he was a man of business and action, and these events had him on edge.
"Where's the cities army? Glenn added.
"Gone, or lost and scattered at the least" Baric was interrupted by Zora handing him a wooden cup of water. He did not argue, his voice was rough and dry from his events. He took a huge gulp before continuing.
"We arrived at the farmstead as ordered, but the place was destroyed."
"Bandits?" Glenn suggested.
"Unlikely, place wasn't burnt down, it was crushed. As if it was a snails shell under your boot." Baric looked around the room, a mixture of fear and confusion on Zora's and Velix's faces. Glenn still kept his stern expression as he asked.
"What was it then?"
"We investigated and found nothing. No clues, no bodies, nothing looted. Nothing." Baric finished off the water before handing back the cup to continue.
"We followed what looked like human tracks away from the farm but..." Baric trailed off.
"But what?!" Glenn exclaimed. You could see that Glenn wasn't angry, he just wanted to get started on this issue.
"They weren't human no more." Fear gripped Baric's face as he said this. As so did Zora's and Velix's. They all knew what he meant.
"John!" Glenn called out and in came a watchman who must of been guarding the door. "Head to the council immediately, tell them that it was the undead that got our boys and they will most likely be here next. I'll be readying the defences." With that, the man saluted and ran off.
"What about the thing that destroyed the farm?" Baric asked Glenn with concern.
"Nothing we can do, I need every man here and that includes you. Velix, report to the barracks when your done here." Velix nodded as Glenn left the room. Zora had just finished cleaning Baric off when he got up to start getting his armour on.
"Shouldn't you be resting?" Velix asked.
"It was just a cut to my arm, nothing major, and it was mainly fatigue that got me. Now, help me get into my chain mail." Velix looked to Zora to help back him up but she smirked and shook her head as she begun to gather her own supplies. Velix sighed and started to help his brother. "Worried?" Baric said looking straight into Velix's eyes.
"Aren't you? A horde of undead heading this way and we have no army." He continued to help his brother with the armour but couldn't look him in the eye.
"Of course I am but fear is useful too. How else do you think I managed to get back here alive? Was too busy shitting myself with fear to let myself be to slow or give up." Baric gave Velix a large grin to help Velix's mood but Velix seemed to pay no mind. He turned and picked up Baric's sword, handing it over to him. Baric took the sword and Velix turned to leave.
"I'll see you in the barracks." He said as he left. Baric looked over his sword, only now showing any sign of fear on his face. Zora picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder, picking up her mace with her free hand.
"Worried?" She asked him with a smirk on her face. Baric chuckled, though his face returned to fear as he sheathed his sword away.
"Dad always told us 'Courage is just being the only one who knows your afraid.' I was never able to keep face with everyone but I always tried my hardest with Velix."
"Your father seems like a wise man. Your doing a good job Baric, just keep going the way you are." Zora placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.
"Burn bright." Zora said.
"Always." Baric replied. Its a simple farewell or pray. Baric was grateful as she left. He mustered himself and shortly left the apartment.


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