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Soo I decided to write something longer than a Facebook message....

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Disclaimer: This will not be well written. There will be poor grammar.

However feel free to point it out because I do miss writing in this style so hit me up with the criticism! Simply my take on a darker start to the AoC world as opposed to 'Oh look! Salvation!'

Every hour a myriad of billions of minuscule– bacteria, plants, microscopic animals – are born and die, this has always been fascinated me. They do not grieve. They do not suffer. They have no awareness but are very much alive. One billion dying is incomparable to a single human’s death. However, when watching everything and everyone around you perish sorrow and heartache become finite. Staring in disgust at friends I have known all my life scramble over one another, pushing and shoving, doing whatever it takes to make it to the gate. Some, who had not lost all humanity, fell behind. The last memory I have of the ‘Old World’ are screams of the deceased echoing through my ears, turning back only to see the relentless darkness drowning the place I had called home for so long.

The Apocalypse. The Unstoppable Tide. The Wrath of the Gods. That is what the doomsayers called it. Religious zealots squabbling over which god had forsaken us this week and how the ‘Heaven’ we stumbled upon is an only temporary sanctuary.  Meanwhile, the rest go back to their regular lives as though nothing has happened, not realising their hubris was their own undoing and if ignored surely will lead to the same fate as before. Not even days has passed since the very thing that separated us from the corruption was abandoned. Perhaps now is the time they are reminded of the power of grief.

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