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Instanced Arena? or this cool idea

So we've been playing the whole instanced arenas bit for a while now but what if we changed things up a bit.

Since every server will be its own thriving world and will be faction less, why not change it up a bit on how we have our battle royals.

Proposal: Open Viewing Arenas.
whiles having these 1v1 and 3v3 and 5v5  they are to be set in the open world and not instanced, but instead in a queue system much like how WoW has its underground fighting world set up. if you miss your Queue then you lose, all while the rest of us are watching from the stands


  • You can actually organize this and have it anywhere in the world.  Just have both groups flag purple and go at it.  This way everyone could view the battle in real time.  
  • I wholeheartedly support this idea! There can be a single non-instanced arena that is open to public viewing. :+1::+1::+1:
  • Hmm maybe this could be something exclusive aka something that would only/automatically be included in a military type metropolis... maybe players could even bet on who wins !  :o
  • I like!
  • i like the idea of it being in a military metropolis, make it a setting chosen by governors of cities or even make it a public vote among residents to chose to hold public battle royals or to keep them only instanced
  • I really like this idea. I feel like that would be one of the fun little things they can add to military nodes. You can go to the arena there and watch gladiator combat between players. 
  • This?

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    edited August 2017
    There will be arenas "colosseums possible in the mayor citys where we can see random or orginized arena battles that are happing or events. Tournements orginized by the city leaders.
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    I bet military nodes will have something like this.

    What I would add to that is:
    - node citizens can use it for free
    - visitors have to pay entrance fee
  • Let build a Colesseum and fight to the death for glory >:)
  • LostWood said:
    Let build a Colesseum and fight to the death for glory >:)
    YES, public battles !! how epic it would be.
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