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Expand the Ancient Guild Concept

For the past 15 years guilds have amounted to a long list, a chat box and a few promotion features. That about sums it up. In a genre that's evolved to master land, sea, and sky...expanding capabilities of combat and crafting to an expert degree, this one thing has always remained the same which are guilds.

Yet a game nearly 20 years old named Asheron's Call mastered this with an allegiance system. It was tighter communities, ranking structure, patronage incentives to not only recuit vassels but earn there respect and loyalty. Other games came along and utterly destroyed this along with the sense of community within guilds.

Please, Intrepid Studios, expand on this ancient concept. Enable diplomacy options. Make guilds more elaborate as a whole. Give meaning to a guild master and there officers. Have alliance functions added. Allow people to recuit others for incentives such as 10% XP boost or loot drop. This encourages for people to not only recuit others but help them to keep them in the guild. This creates trees (people sworn to people and in turn people swear to them. You can do so much with the concept to enable special communications or even rewards for those with a lot of members underneath them, creating a hierarchy.

Long story short, don't settle and default to the norm, expand on this feature immensely. MMOs are built around communities and strong communities capable of advanced features and functions is a guarantee to prolong the life of any game.



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    edited August 2017
    Great ideas. There are many similar ideas in this Q&A (video link) :)
    • Guilds have systems designed to bring the community together
    • Guild halls, fortresses and castles will help with social building
    • Guild mechanics allow guilds options to forge alliances or attack rivals
    • Smaller guilds will have advantages that bigger guilds won't have (to encourage alliances)
    • Zerg guilds will not be viable
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    Thank you for the link! Think the interviewer nailed it on the head, and while Intrepid does seem to want to expand on the concept I truly believe with a little innovation they can do so much more.

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