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What kind of class you want to play!

Always was a healer and always will be.
Im really looking foward to what kind of healer I choose to be.It is only assumptions about what I think the choice of classes is going to be and not the real possibilities between the primary and secondary archetypes. For exemple:

cleric/bard where I heal my party with my mystical music and chants.
cleric/summoner where I could summon the elements of the nature to help my party.
cleric/fighter where I could be more a front  single target medic to heal tanks.
cleric/mage where I could have more AoE heals for the raid.

I want to know you guys what you would like to play and what you're though about the classes will be.


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    OMG! SAME! 

    I too have always been a healer, literally every game I play, if it heals, im it! 
    I'm really keen to see how the healing will work out in this game and all the different classes you could mix up. Judging by what classes we can mix up, im excited to try most of them with the Cleric.
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    @Wolfwall cant wait to have more news about the Archetypes grid :O :) 
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    WHAT? No class poll we can vote on? I haven't voted on a class poll in over a week.....where is my clicky choice?!  click-click-click
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    @Lostwood Next thing you'll tell me is your an a hearty RPer :D
    The information thats to come will be good. Cleric/mage or cleric/ranger could be exciting!

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    @Wolfwall well never was a big RP guy...with the direction the Devs are taking the game it look fun investing time to RP. You create the story,you get more into the character,into the game itself, we are gonna be parts of something amazing with what we are seeing now :D:) Why now be a Cleric/Bard and be know more singing about battle,aventures everywhere I go hahahahha.
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    I want a melee necromancer
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