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What class are you looking foward to?

 For you Plague mate ;) 


  • I think the Summoner could be really nice.
  • @Scuttered Yup I like the idea of a cleric/summoner where summon nature like trees or plants to heal mt party or simply holy beast that that cast heal spell something.
  • Just because I haven't seen vary many games with the bard class and am interested in seeing what IS comes up with though I probably won't play one
  • ^ the best is worth waiting for ;)
  • @Ninja Shadow The way the Devs were talking about the Bard, I think were gonna get something really cool out of it.
  • So true @lexmax , that is why I chose the Summoner after all. :)
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    Clerics ❤️ I'm curious to see what kind of clerics we will have in Ashes and how they will be able to play in my team :3

    *Edit* hmmm talking about clerics on discord made me mark the wrong class hype and typo xD


  • @DiuraYes I really look forward to seeing all possible combination of the Archetypes. All the spells and skills a combination will have :) love the idea of the game for class so far
  • Cleric FTW!
  • Cleric powaaa....may the holy be with us <3
  • @Rofus @LostWood @Diura  CLERIC BRO'S! ASSEMBLE!
  •    >>--------->        >>--------->
    >>--------->       >>--------->     >>--------->

     >>--------->         >>--------->
                 >>--------->                 >>--------->
  • Mage, I wan to pew pew.
  • Summoner and Rogue I look forward to the most. I'd love a fighty orcish summoner and an Arcane trickster like rogue.
  • @DevonMeep Shadow dancer would be awesome,using arcane to trick your foes jumping shadow from shadow to stab them >:)
  • Tank is love, Tank is Life <3<3
  • I would defiantly go for a mage first. That's the one I am most looking forward to.
  • Rogue. Give me stealth!!!
  • Bard, I also want to try a Bard/Rogue see what that gives me.
  • @ChickaChase Charm your foes with your violon and slices their throat with your violon bow..badass to me B)
  • Tank/Tank or Tank/Cleric. I want to be very hard to kill and annoying to all the squishy classes.
  • I'm really looking forward to History Class. 

    I love learning about old places and reading about cool stuff from the past.
  • Ranger FTW.  Maybe with little bit of rogue mixed in.  I can't wait to see how this combo performs.  
  • I'm looking forward to Search Function 101 Class, should be really intuitive and and handy!
  • @PJ_Rydecker @XombieCrisis I can't wait to have more information about the combination we get from chosing our secondary Archetype :)<3
  • Rogue, cause i want to know what kind of stealth mechanic and ressource managment we get.
    And how good the Rogue will be for big group fights, cause in most games Rogues are more the solo or small scale fighter.
  • I hope I can actually steal things in this game, at least leave love letters in people's pockets!
  • @Roxx Could be nice to have some stealths options in dungeons to avoid certains fights >:) 
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