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Dark Fantasy

Do you think we're going to see some more dark-themed armor in the game? I really enjoy dark fantasy. Like stuff like this for referance 


  • "Turtle, turtle"

  • I hope we could look darkish-evil >:)
  • I realise it may not be appropriate with this settings orcs, but, I'd love for the more lanky Tolkien orcs to be able to get darker themed clothes and armor. 
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    edited August 2017
    I'm totally in favor of dark/evil appearance options. Including animations and spell effects.

    Edit: Before someone posts, just buy it in the cosmetic store, I would like to see these appearances in-game by default. Sure, if I want to look more epicly evil I might go to the cash shop at some point.
  • I really hope we do, I love dark themed stories and characters. 
  • There will be dyes. So being able to turn that armor black is like 7/10 of the way to making armor look 'evil'
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