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Mounted Combat

So we know that we are getting mounts, but do you think we'll be able to use them in combat? Most MMOs only use them as a form of travel, but historically they are game changers in combat and I'd love to be able to see us use Cavalry charges in PVP and mounted enemies could be an interesting challenge if this was implemented.

What do you guys think on the matter would you want mounted combat? 


  • I think I maybe saw something about jousting... I may be completely wrong, however. If there were mounts in PvP it would be a huge advantage, so would need to be expensive to buy a mount and if someone managed to kill it in battle then it would be unfair for it to just respawn in your base/home etc.

    So I think it would be a really good addition, however, it would be such a huge advantage it would come at a cost if the mount died in battle. It would be interesting nonetheless.

  • That is it so far, the last I remember was that mounted combat as a separate mechanic was not in the plans currently, but wasn't ruled out down the line after launch.
  • I think they mentioned once that mounts will have combat abilites specific to the kind of mount it is. But they did say you won't be able to use your own abilities while mounted.
  • Epic Lord of the Rings Calvary charge.
  • I think in one of the earlier twitch streams there was mention of gap closing and dismount attack.  However, there is very limited info on this as yet except as has been said previously that we wont be able to use our normal attacks while mounted.
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