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Next Livestream?

Do we already have a date for the next Q&A Livestream with the devs?
Couldnt find any myself :(


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    Aug 23rd 3pm PST


    @everyone Glorious Ashes Community, the next stream will be August 23rd at 3pm PDT. Be prepared for amazia. Thank you. Stay awesome. Much love - Steven     PS - We will be streaming everyday from PAX West September 1st - 4th, including live gameplay and special guests.
  • Hyped :) cant wait for new vids and stream to watch them.
  • Thank you Unknown,

    i wonder why there is no thread to write question like we had last time. I still got a few questions i want to get out :D
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    They usually add it at least 24 hours out. Otherwise it just becomes clogged with people repeating the same thing over and over trying make sure their pet issue remains on top.
    Look under Announcement & Headlines a day before.
  • ok thanks
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