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Kickstarter Pledge registration

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So about two months back I got the update, which asked me to register on this website so that I could have my Kickstarter saved here. But I still haven't heard a thing. No confirmation that my pledge has been record on this account, no unique pledge badge, nothing that really tells me if any thing is has gone wrong down the line. So I am writing this, hoping maybe I can get a update on the situation.


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    If you applied your code you can go to the Ashes of Creation Home, make sure you are logged in, click on Account, click on Orders, Addons, and Upgrades, click on View Addons and Upgrade Packages, click on the Orders tab, and your pledge should be shown there.
    Unique forum badges have not been implemented yet. Look for them sometime after PAX.
    Another thing that may have happened was that there was a confusing process that occurred for Kickstarter backers early on. An email was sent out saying just click on this link to register your account. However, some people complained that they needed a different option since they had used a different email to register here vs Kickstarter. So a whole different code was send out that required you to manually enter it to register. If you don't see your package as registered, look for that email. Barring all else, contact [email protected]
  • Hello,

    Can you please check your email, possibly in your bulk or spam folders, for an email containing a Kickstarter code. This code is then redeemed - Check that link, do you see any orders linked to your account? If not click on the <Lost a license key>. You may also want to confirm that your email addy registered on Kickstarter (Not Ashes of Creation) is correct. We have seen a few folks who entered invalid emails inadvertently. If that is the case then an email to [email protected] will be needed to assist further.

  • Go to the home page:
    Click on the account tab then click on " Orders, addons, upgrades"
    Click on "View Crowd funded orders"
    If yours doesn't appear their then contact customer support.
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    I looked through my mail and my discarded messages but found nothing. I am sure the email is correct, I even checked by copy pasting the kickstarter one into the login screen here. Finally trying to retrieve the lost key gave me nothing but a message telling me. "No license keys were found for your email address" 

    I shall now message [email protected], in hopes that this can be fixed for me. Thank you everyone, for the help. :)
  • That to me suggests that there may be a variation in the Kickstarter email and the one used to register the account. The email to the CS team would definitely be the best course of action in this case.
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