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Server size/Guilds

The most recent journal talked about putting the "massive" back into "MMO." Is there any talk about how many players will be on a single server?

Also, on the same topic, is there anywhere I can find out about plans for guilds? As in, how in-depth will they be? Guild dungeons, guild vs guild battlefields, etc.?


  • 10 k server pop

    Guild mechanics and features have not yet been released.
  • 10k concurrent players on a server. 
    No in depth details on guilds but their cap will be 250-300. There will be guild wars with different objectives. Guilds will own a castle and fight for it. 
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    10k confirmed. Guild caps may be in the 250-300 range, but they will sacrifice a certain amount of abilities by going the path of size over quality. Smaller guilds will be able to drop more points into other "trees", unlocking more powerful abilities. Guild wars confirmed. Guilds will fight over one of 5 castles monthly for control.

    Go to 23:28 for guild answers.
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