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[Snapchat Sneakpeak] 08/18/2017 - Mage Teleport

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Here's a newish snap chat from the other day, featuring a mage testing out her teleportation skills. 

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    Hmmm...hopefully the range is farther if it is meant as the mages CC breaker/escape mechanic. So far we see that the abilites given so far have one non-damage CC ice block, and an ultimate earth ability that is a knockdown with damage, not a root. If the idea that they talked about before of each class having one CC and one CC breaker it looks like some definite tweaking will be needed. I am not asking for the ability to teleport the mage halfway across an arena, but at least out of immediate melee range. Especially if the cooldown is going to be significant. Guess we will have to wait and see in two weeks.
    Edit: After multiple views it is looking similar to ESOs sorcerer blink. The mana bar barely moves (I realize it isn't balanced yet at all). If that is the case where it is a spammable ability it should be fine, as long as they balance for all the problems ESO had with it.
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