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Is there a forum to talk about real life stuff?

Or is there just strictly stuff about this game on the forum?


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    edited August 2017
    No, you can talk about anything within the limits of the forum's rules, however, people might not answer :v 
  • An off topic forum was suggested, but has not been implemented. There is however such a section on the Ashes Discord.
  • Hmm, regulations aren't too strict, usually people just talk about whatever, but mention  Ashes of Creation somehow to make it "on topic"  :#
  • For example, Will there be a mechanic in Ashes for child support? My ex doesn't pay, and we are really having a hard time making ends meet. Anyone else have this?

    Meets all the check offs. Now it is an Ashes topic that can devolve into slamming your exes.
  • There's a lot of forums to talk about RL stuff on other sites.  Whole sites with forums dedicated to it.  Why bring it onto a gaming forum too?
  • No off topic forum atm.
    In reality don't most people join fantasy game worlds to escape real life?
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