Suggestion for NPC characters

I asked in the Discord channel whether the NPCs will have voices, and the response I got was at the moment it appears to just be text based because of the cost of hiring voice overs. I don't know if that is true, but if it is, I have a suggestion.

This could even be done on this forum, but post transcripts online for certain characters in the game. Those transcripts would describe the type of voice and tone you are looking for. The community can then contribute to those voice overs needed on a volunteer bases. Thus giving them a way to contribute to the game in it's development.


  • Yes, it has been confirmed a couple times that there will NOT be voiceovers in the initial release. They have not ruled out converting them all down the line if the game is a financial success. While others have kicked around the idea of community voiceovers, ultimately they will most likely be rejected due to copyright issues and the general litigious society that the US has become. Just yesterday saw a post from someone here who said "I am really interested in what they do with the node system, because I thought of the idea first 3 years ago."
  • That makes sense. It's a shame we live in such a sue happy culture
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