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Will ashes of creation be released in India?

Since I have heard of "Ashes Of Creation" i have been very excited to play it when it eventually comes out. I am going to be living in India for awhile due to business, So I am wondering will it be released there? I know I can log into the american servers from India but know it will be unplayable due to lag. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know, I cannot currently find anything about it being released in India. Any info would be very appreciated 



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    Hi there and welcome to our community! o/
    As for now we don't know where servers will be physically located!
    We do know however that AoC will have an NA server, EU server and OCE server :)
    We also know that servers will not be region locked :)
    Therefore you will be able to play but you may suffer from lag :) Hopefully one of the servers will be suitable for you ^^
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    Welcome to the community!!!
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