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Will "Ashes Of Creation" be released in India?

Since I have heard of "Ashes Of Creation" i have been very excited to play it when it eventually comes out. I am going to be living in India for awhile due to business, So I am wondering will it be released there? I know I can log into the american servers from India but know it will be unplayable due to lag. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know, I cannot currently find anything about it being released in India. Any info would be very appreciated 



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    edited August 2017
    They have stated multiple times that they will provide service to any market where there is demand. So I suggest going on a one man crusade to sign up as many Indians as you can. Since the servers are going to be Google Cloud, get enough people and they will throw one on the data center nearest that cluster of people.
    Also realize there is no cross server play. So if you are going to be in India then move back to where you are originally from you might have to start over. They have said that server transfers are going to be difficult and expensive to discourage those trying to game the system.
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