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Which archetypes would you choose?

I just recently discovered that this mmorpg is being made, and i'm so excited for the possibilities! Especially the archetype combinations seem very interesting! So, i'm wondering, which archetypes would you choose? What abilities and such do you think will go with it? Anything in particular you're very excited about?

I'm so excited about the bard archetype and really curious about the bard/rogue combination. Maybe the bard/rogue will sneak up behind enemies and use a song of death, or they can make allies invisible for a short time using a sneaky tune or a sinister poem?

P.S. I don't know if this discussion belongs in this category, so sorry if it isn't supposed to be here


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    Welcome to our community!   This is a good place for discussing character roles and abilities.  The bard/rogue  definitely sounds very interesting and is one rogue combo I have envisioned and sort of played in past lives in various ways.   Now "song of death" sounds evilly interesting!
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    Welcome @NewADance :) Mage/Mage all the way!
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    Its really hard to say at this point what to go with, but after we have more information of classes it will be easier to say. Anyway i will follow summoner and bard classes and how those will be implemented. One possible option could be summoner/rogue.
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    Heya, and welcome! I'm thinking of going Ranger/Mage, because from what i've heard and read, your secondary class is meant to augment and supplement your primary class and it's skills. So I'm hoping that the Mage will give me things like Blink, and magical properties to my arrows to make them more damaging, or AoE or something, and just the fact that an arcane ranger sounds incredibly fun! 

    Fireball Arrow inbound!
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    Welcome o/
    I'll most likely be bard/tank but it all depends on what augments will be :3 Bard/Something ^^
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    Thanks for the welcomes! :blush:
    @CylverRayne "
    The Bard knows secret and powerful words, able to speak into being terrible nightmares, or convince foes to become friends." This could refer to songs or poems, which have certain effects on the enemies. But bards entertain, so i hope they'll dance... oh, my username is relevant now
    @lexmax mages are awesome! Unfortunately not my playstyle though. I always wanted to play a mage, but it just wouldn't work xD i wonder how other classes will combine with mage... :#
    @Ferryman very true, but it's still fun to speculate. maybe my preference will change when i see what abilities all the archetypes have :smiley:
    @Annatar a healer by heart? ^^
    @TheKeress that really sounds fun! Jeez i really wonder what they have in mind for every combination!
    @Diura Bard ftw! :blush:

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    Rogue/Mage. I want to go full Final Fantasy XV teleportations with my daggers xD don't care that I might be least stealthy rogue in the game, as long as I look cool doing it
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    @kimonojuly That's the spirit! Looking cool is necessary in a game like this B)
    Also sounds like a very interesting combination!
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    @NewADance that is true, its really fun to speculate and actually i love to theorycraft. ;) But atm i am in very unsure situation what would be my main/secondary class and race choises. I want those all to support each other. Even i am most interested to see how the summoner works, i am also little bit concerned that how it will be implemented. It might be that i dont want to control summoned creature at battle field and i would like to more focus do more things with my own character. If this game have option to play some class combination as debuffer/distractor then i might choose that path. I would like to help my groupies by distracting and debuffing enemies.  
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