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[PODCAST] From The Ashes Episode 16: Mail Call

From The Ashes Episode 16: Mail Call - The Ashes of Creation podcast produced by The Dungeon Crawler Network! Join Aggelos and Thais, the Founders of The Dungeon Crawler Network, as they bare witness the rebirth of the MMORPG genre from the ashes of an industry that has left gamers behind!

This week, Aggelos is joined by Co-Founder of The Dungeon Crawler Network, Thais to discuss some of the recent aesthetic choices that Intrepid Studios have revealed in recent posts in the official Discord as well as going over our mailbag! If you want to email the show to have it read on the show, head on over to and send us a message!

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  • Thanks!  Well done as usual.  :)
  • Thank you Aggelos for putting something together during this dry period before the onslaught of Pax.  Keep up the great work!!!
  • Thank you @CylverRayne and @Sintu! Glad you guys enjoyed it! Cant wait for the next episode!
  • Thanks for the continued excellent work, @Aggelos!  I'm a happy subscriber to your you tube channel, as I enjoy your commentary with your guests, about Ashes.

    By the by, I share your thoughts about the decline of social interaction in mmo's, but am amused by your discourse with Thais, seeing as she enjoys "modern conveniences", lol.  

    I also have good vibes about 8-man dungeons...if executed properly.  Dungeons, though usually easier than raids, shouldn't be boring cake walks.  The grander the adventure, the harder the path, the more people to share the danger, the richer the rewards.  Makes it all the more fun, imo.  

    Looking forward to more episodes!  
  • I like contested dungeons that progress in levels and as you level you are able go deeper.  These kind of dungeons usually have people at the front who are willing to make groups; and people switch out because people having to leave.  (some great memories there)
  • agree @T-Elf that was a terrific thing in eq2/1 the dungeons were soooooo maaassive that you could go in at the front, solo/duo around the front room for xp and/or craft mats. then score a group go to first boss or two...then with mo powa and mo shiny you could venture deeper in.  

    LFG for solusek ro! 
  • Awesome episode! 

    I find myself completely agreeing with you in regards to the bow. It's way too over the top. When it comes to bows, simplicity is key for me. 

    Thanks for featuring my mail btw! <3
  • Always look forward to the next video.
    Thanks @Aggelos and thais
  • Thanks so much guys! Remember we do accept email questions to the show :D nice when there is a slow news week to discuss community concerns!
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