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Features you would like to see in Ashes

What I would like to see is a decent private bank for all your items and alts to share.
I would like to see is shared account gold (if thats what the currency will be).
A looking for party/group option.
Anti chat spam filter.
A trading with players system which cant be exploited.

These are but a few.


  • Nice suggestions. Some already confirmed.
    There is a bank, and your freehold will have storage that alts can access.

    Shared account gold most likely not going to happen as it is one of the ways gold sellers use to move money by using multiple toons on same account to transfer to other multiple toons on other owned accounts. Doesn't matter what they call the currency, whether it is gold or penguins. Most likely you will have to deposit it in bank and withdraw on separate toons.

    Looking for party/groupfinder in the traditional WOW sense is not going to be implemented. Those rely on fast travel/port to mechanics that are not going to appear in game. They may have a local node wide finder, though the head shake from Jeffrey probably means Steven wants it, but they haven't figured out how to do it yet.

    Extensive chat option are planned. Spam filter definitely coming.

    Player to player trading is being developed with third-party vendor Panopticon being able to track said trades. Any duping, withdrawing items after currency transfer, and so on will be tested in alpha.
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