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Quick Idea: Dice

@Khalkeús  writes:

How about we have in game dice. 
I mean a pair of dice which can be crafted and thrown (with a simple animation).

The result will be displayed on the chat for everyone to see. This feature can be used to settle a score or just to decide were to head next as a party. 

The pair of dice should be quite easy to craft or cheap to buy (the simple wooden one at least) since the purpose is for everyone to use them at some point. But in the big picture dice could be crafted out of expensive materials such as gold or obsidian making them golden or black in their respective case. Color would only be an aesthetics feature when they get thrown (a tavern trick of sorts) .

Simple mechanic with quite a lot of potential.

Anyway what do you guys think?  

Lord of the forge.


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    edited June 2017
    I like the idea, just as an extra addon I guess. I guess one person would be odds and the other evens?
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    how about three way road? or 6 doors at a dungeon? it's a simple gimmick with a lot of uses :)@Nazarik

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    Sounds like a good idea that would come in handy for some parlor games :+1:
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    Great idea for immersion ... and settling disputes! 
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    I like it! I don't know if I've heard of that in a MMO before.
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