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Summoner scouting ability

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edited August 2017 in Ashes of Creation Design
@Perfectflaw writes:

Since there is no flying in Ashes of Creation (aside from the dragon mount) I think it would be a cool utility ability if Summoners could summon some sort of flying creature they can use to scout areas and obtain vantage points. Thoughts?


  • @Perfectflaw , I literally thought of a Bunch of Abilities but never wrote them down. But Did make a post about it. Overall, I think its a great idea, but to an extent.For something like that you mentioned, I envisioned Nighttime Flying Creatures would be doing that 

    Since its usually the case that Creatures of the Night ... tend to be more dangerous than those in the day time. And thus, I hope that Situation Queues for
    Stealthy-Missions. And so much more >0<
  • Hmm. ranger-summoner archetype would fit well for this. Like
  • I think it would be cool, but... I think it should have a limited range, a time limit, and be tergetable so that it can be shot down
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