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Influence by weather, seasons and time

@shazooo writes:

Hi folks,
after watching your 30-minutes-gameplay and your "light-dressed" char walking through the winter landscape on YouTube, I’ve made some thoughts how can the seasons/weather/time influence the char. To be honest, nobody would wear a t-shirt/short at sub-zero temperatures, so why should your char do?
My suggestion is, to add an extra-slot, where you can equip special gears.
For example:
During the winter season, your char will get the debuff "getting cold", which decrease your movement by x%. To avoid this, you have to equip a cape or a fur coat with the buff "keeping warm", which remove this debuff.
But if you wear this cape/fur coat during the summer season, it will get you the debuff "starts sweating", which decrease your power abiity by x%. So you have to unequip it to remove this debuff.
The other point is the weather and day-night-time.
For example:
During rain, fog or night, your char can hardly see other players/NPC's and by clear weather or day, it's hard to hide from someone.


  • Theres already been a lot of talk about this :) Hopefully they will utilize the seasonal system to its fullest potential, pretty sure the devs have also talked about it at several occasions :)
  • From all I have read it sounds like the seasons and their effects are going to be integral to what happens to much of the game.
  • I like the idea for it's realism, but in practice it would be really irritating. As it stands, seasons will be a week-by-week scenario, meaning that 1 month = 1 year in game. That is a lot of change happening fast, especially for the hard working casuals who only get 1-2 hours to play a day, roughly 10 hours a week. When you factor in other climate changes: Thunder/Snow storms, Droughts, Flooding, etc. That is a lot of equipping and unequipping for a mechanic that is only there for realism, and nothing that impacts gameplay, other than character looks.

    Another note to point out: Players enjoy their individual look, I count myself as one of these players, and having to decide if I should wear cooler clothing, or warmer clothing, or I need to keep a special item with me in case of bad weather; All of that defeats the purpose of Transmogrifying, armor customization, etc. Why spend gold to give your character a certain look, when you know it's going to get covered up by a black/white/gray furred cloak that makes you look like a member of the Night's Watch from GoT. I make this same argument about guild tabards ((Though that's an optional item and another subject altogether)). 

    Now, please don't get me wrong, I love theory-crafting and discussing what may or may not be in this game. I just don't like systems that make it a game that much more complicated when it doesn't even effect gameplay: Yes, you did mention environmental debuffs, and while there may be a mechanic, let's say an ancient dragon plunging a region in an eternal winter, I don't think there should be potential day-by-day system that forces you to wear one item or discard another for the sole purpose of adding more realism in the game. I really enjoy aspects of realism and common sense in fantasy worlds, but at the end of things, it's just that: a fantasy world, a place I can go to after getting home from work and relax until bedtime and forget about my IRL.
  • Anyways Interesting aspect and I love the idea!
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    edited June 2017
    My thoughts were only for the mechanics. The look of the cape etc. should be changed for sure if the player want to have his/her cool-looking gear :)

    As I wrote, for these items there has to be an extra-slot (like the cape-slot in WoW) and you can show/hide this gear.
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