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Able to make your own Quests, Able to tames all monsters, and foods have their won individual buffs.

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@Lifetree writes:

1.) I would like the game be able to let's you make your own quests, jobs request, and hire another players to do the jobs.
I know you can hire NPC and put drills in the mine to help you collect materials but there is a limit that's what they can do, so be able to posts your own jobs to other players to hire them is really a good idea.
*I wish they can make a Adventure Guild social organization that for this kinds of stuff because they said in the social organization you can rise your status in the organization. And also, I want to become a Adventurer like in the fantasy I read.*

2.) They said in the game you can go tame mounts and breed them but what about the monsters and creatures you encounter?
I really want that you can go tame all kinds of monsters in the game that's you encounter, they have their own set of skills tree, able to equip gears, mounts them and etc.
*Just say you go into the wild and you saw something you like that you want to tame, so you go and tame that's monsters or creatures and be able to fix your own liking.*

3.) I know they said you can go find a recipes to make your own dish to eat that's they give you buffs but what's about each individual foods? For example, if you just only eat a piece of bacon and that piece of bacon recover your health, increase stamina, and also debuffs you if you eat too much because is unhealthy like heart attack.
*I would like they can make a recipes of each individual foods combine into one dish and that dish have the individual foods buffs.* I'm trying to say is all each individual foods have their own buffs, so when you finish cooking a single dish they all have that each individual buffs on it.


  • 1: Likely there will be a job board for players to advertise tasks and hire other players.
    Adventurers will join Thieves Guilds and Scholars Academies and Temples and probably some form of Mercenary Guild.

    2: You can tame a variety of animals as mounts, but not everything. You might be able to tame miniatures of monsters and use them as pets, but you won't be able to command every creature you encounter.

    3: Bacon will probably be made from some animal that provides a buff.
    Bacon that can recover health and increase stamina seems like some over-powered bacon.
    I suppose some food can be poisoned and perhaps alcohol will make us drunk, but..
    We don't need to eat or drink, so, just as starving will not be a thing in Ashes, I doubt that over-eating will be a thing.
  • Nay, I just giving a example about bacon but I do like to see each individual foods give some benefit.
  • Hmmm, I like the idea of being able to look around trying to get the best wage for the work :D

  • @Lifetree
    Part of my biggest Confusion, before the May 30th LiveStream, was where exactly there were at in their ... " Pre-Alpha " Stage.

    Now that we've seen it, its likely that they'll focus on the Appearance and other things for now.

    The idea sounds good though :3
  • Yep, sounds good indeed! :)
  • This would be a stretch goal but it would be cool if people could mix and match ingredients to make their own foods. You could have a base piece of ingredient like steak for example. You could then add other extra ingredients like the bacon listed above. Each extra one could modify the buff given by the base ingredient or even add a debuff depending on skill level and success chance.
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    you can never too much Bacon
    (: 3)
  • I agree with all three dots with you.
    1. is good idea for building society and having more fun
    2. More monster more army and workers
    3. It would be good that some food is growing only in some nodes
  • Thanks guys to like my idea and I'm pretty surprising too because I thought no one going to answer it or like it.
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