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Mages and casting spell

@drdebica writes:

As a big and with all crazy stuff AOC is going to look with all the economic and players event that we do as we change the world around us I would like to give a idea of someting that other RPG don't realy use in terms of Magic. Normaly you will have 100% chance to use a spell after you find it, you learn her in few seconds and it looks like you master it complitly because you never fall to use it. If will now use necromancer mage class as explaining (I hope ther will be necromancer mage class in this game). Let's​ say you chouse the mage class and will be abel to study difrence tipe of Magic and you chouse necromancer and learn the spell for raising undead and it on lvl 1, first you would need to find someting dead to try and because your raising dead is lvl 1 your chance to raise a normal human from dead to undead is 10% and as you try and uđe your skill it will get bigger and bigger chance so let say at lvl 100 of rasing Sead you will be abel to raise a undead dragon with 100%. The thing that I want to say is you need to study Magic as a mage to cast a spell bettet, there could also be books that could help you study better or potions that would give you bigger chance in casting the spell.
Sorry for my english


  • ahhh you sound like an old Asheron's Call player!  
    The same would have to be for weapon training and perfection.  You can't expect it to be harder for mages then warriors in todays world of gaming.  lol

     On  this new world books may not be found. Maybe we will find magic learning scrolls as questing loot.  Using magic or weapons to improve abilities and less chance of failure would seem more likely.   Maybe training yards in towns with target dummies and a possible  dueling area for those who want to practice. 

    Oh, and your English is fine.  No need to apologize!
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