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Packages available for purchase when part of my kick starter pack

Hello. I noticed that some of the item available in my addon section for purchase, are part of my kickstarter. Shouldn't the one I get from it be listed in rewards or somewhere else? It is confusing.


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    So here's the deal. The kickstarter was a raging success, but it limited a small minority of people who couldn't back due to restrictions. So they had the Summer backing. Now here is the confusing part. If you were a Kickstarter backer, you can upgrade your package still to a higher package. You will get all the original KS exclusive stuff. Also you can choose to get all the cosmetics from the Summer backing, which are basically the same cosmetics from Kickstarter with different names as addons.
    If you are just worried about your order. Make sure you are logged in on the home page. Then check your account, click on view addon and upgrade packages, up at the top where you see Dashboard, click on Orders, and your package and purchase should be displayed there.
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    Good morning,

    As @UnknownSystemError has shared above, this is correct. Please let us know if you have any additional questions =)


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    Well I see I have my kickstarter package it is not the problem. the problem is they list items I already have as "Buy add-on". And this is confusing because we do not know if this are new ones or not. There is no info on them nor pictures. If they are in our kickstarter packages, they should be listed as already purchased, not in "buy" section of the dashboard.
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    When looking here at the options, the reasoning as to why some may be available despite your previous package purchase is because the packages have not yet been parsed out as individual line items yet. This is a step required to identify already purchased items. After PAX I anticipate this being addressed.


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